Gelateria Giotto 

The creation of Giotto

Born in a family of restaurateurs, after business studies and a short career in strategy consulting, I decided to change profession towards something more tangible with a direct impact. It is in June 2021 that I decided to turn to the profession of gelatiere for the love of a product I discovered during my studies in Italy. 

I moved again to Italy to study, this time the craft of artisanal gelato making alongside renowned Italian masters, including Antonio Mezzalira, one of the biggest names in Italy and in the world.  After several months of training in Italy, I am back to Brussels to bring my interpretation of Italian artisanal gelato to Brussels through Gelateria Giotto!


Authentic artisanal gelato 

Authenticity, artisanality and responsibility are at the core of our philosophy. Giotto develops simple recipes following the Italian tradition that highlight what nature has best to offer. This starts with the careful selection of high quality natural ingredients. When possible our ingredients are sourced from local producers to promote the richness of our lands and support our local heroes as much as we can. 

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